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At Craft Pellets we are always looking for the best product at the best price for YOU!
We are carrying a new Surlyn pellet. These pellets weigh 5oz per cup.They are smooth and round. BPA free/non toxic. Clear in color. Odor free!
Machine Washable, Color Fast and Dryer safe.

Save on each box
by purchasing multiple 25 pound boxes

Order 3 or 4 boxes for the first level of discount
$1 off per box ($48.99/box)

Order 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 boxes for the next discount level
$2 off per box ($47.99/box)

Order 10 or more boxes to get the best possible price per box
$3 off per box ($46.99/box)
* Prices may change every month due to fluctuations in the plastics market and the cost of oil.

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