New Surlyn Pellets!

For a limited time we are carrying and new product called Surlyn. They are perfectly round and smooth pellets. They perform the same as the White and Mighty Pellets. They are non toxic and machine washable and dryer safe! They are the same density as the white pellets as well.

ONLY 45.99 per 25 pound box! Click Here to check them out!

About Craft Pellets

Craft Pellets are made in the USA and are the highest quality HDPE plastic pellets available. We offer three types of pellets to fit your specific needs: White HDPE Pellet , Surlyn Pellets and our slightly heavier Mighty Pellets. They are all machine washable & BPA free. Whether you're making a weighted blanket, corn hole bags, rear bags, using them in your veterinary clinic, or for rock polishing, Craft Pellets are perfect for your every project! Use your Imagination!

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