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Craft Pellets offers three types of pellets to fit your specific needs. All of our pellets are made in the USA, are machine washable and non-toxic.

Natural/translucent Pellets -

These are the polyethylene pellets most often used for making weighted products. Keep in mind that our pellets can be used for many other applications as well.

Pellets Noire -

Pellets Noire (black) are made from the same material (polyethylene) as our popular natural (white/translucent) pellets. The difference is that they are a compounded material. That means that stable carbon black (0.05%) is added to the material creating the black color. They are color-fast.

Mighty Pellets -
These pellets are the solution if you need more weight than other pellets while keeping the same qualities as the other pellets - machine washable, color-fast, non-toxic, made in the USA and smooth to the touch. These pellets will fit into regulation-size corn hole bags.

One measuring cup of Mighty Pellets weighs 6.6 ounces. That is 1.6 ounces more than our Pellets Noire or the Natural/translucent pellets.

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